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Initiative Charge

The state of Oregon’s history is defined by changing borders and cultures. During the 1800s, Oregon shared boundaries with Canada and Mexico, and encompassed many Native American territories. As the state grew, so did the richness and complexity of its peoples, borders and cultural identities. Today, Oregon is experiencing rapid growth among immigrant populations, and demographic changes are creating new cross-cultural relationships. In fact, in ten years 30 percent of our public high school graduates will be Latino. Oregon’s business ties in the Americas have also grown.

Oregon is thus becoming more diverse and connected and the University of Oregon  is committed to addressing these changes.   Globalization and migration present challenges as well as opportunities.  Success—in Oregon, across the nation, and around the world—requires strong linguistic competency, cultural awareness and communication skills.

The steering committee is made up of faculty and staff of the University of Oregon.  Together the committee shapes and carries out the vision of the Americas in a Globalized World Initiative.  Members are as follows:

Carlos Aguirre
Director of the Latin Americas Studies Program
Professor in the Department of History

Gordon Hall
Associate Research Director of the Center on Diversity and Community
Professor in the Department of Psychology

Michael Hames-Garcia
Department Head of Ethnic Studies

Charles Martinez
Vice President for the Institutional Equity and Diversity
Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership

Sandra Morgen
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Professor in the Department of Anthropology

Edward M. Olivos
Department Head of the Department of Education Studies

CHiXapkaid (Michael Pavel)
Professor in the Department of Education Studies

Lynn Stephen
Professor in the Department of Anthropology
Director of the UO Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies

Daniel Tichenor
Professor in the Department of Political Science
Senior Faculty Fellow at the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics

Janne Underriner
Director of the Northwest Indian Language Institute
Instructor in the Department of Linguistics

The steering committee works closely with the following campus partners:

Within CAS and Education, we have partnered most closely with the departments and programs of Ethnic Studies (CAS), Latin American Studies (CAS), Anthropology (CAS), Linguistics (CAS), Romance Languages (CAS), Counseling Psychology and Human Services (Ed), and Educational Studies (Ed).

Support Staff:
Eli Meyer and Kate Faris



Office location:
337 Hendricks Hall
University of Oregon
Eugene OR  97403