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The Americas in a Globalized World Initiative:
Linking Diversity and Internationalization

Globalization, extensive migration, and shifting demographics will present both challenges and opportunities for the State of Oregon and University of Oregon graduates.  Their success will require strong linguistic, cultural, and communication skills.  This initiative will create new curriculum and build new connections for our faculty and  students throughout the Americas.  We are working from the level of the individual student experience to transforming the campus and helping to reposition the U of O as an important academic player in the hemisphere.
The initiative carries out its vision through:

  • Intellectual projects promoting hemispheric thinking, interdisciplinary and forward thinking curriculum at all levels and cutting edge research
  • Campus climate by building an intellectual community and a culture which embraces the Americas and all of the peoples in the hemisphere
  • Recruitment and Retention of particular groups of students and faculty
  • Training all University of Oregon students in cultural competency
  • Community engagement through connections with Oregon, the United States, and wider America’s human, research, and intellectual communities
  • Linking the University of Oregon to academic institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean

This university-wide initiative examines and enhances the understanding of the Americas from a hemispheric perspective.  This perspective views Oregon and the United States as part of a region, much as the EU does for Europe.  The Americas project envisions an interdependent place for Oregon amongst the diverse peoples and cultures of the Western hemisphere.